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Prometheus Radio Theatre

Audio Theatre By Fans And For Fans

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This community is for anyone interested in the doings and goings-on of Prometheus Radio Theatre. It's intended for making announcements about performances, new releases, and such. More reliable and regular postings do occur on our home page linked below. Membership to the community is open, however comments and posts are moderated only for the purposes of avoiding any Spammish Activity... Yes, I know what you are thinking... You didn't expect the Spammish Inquisition....

CD's of studio recordings of episodes are available at prometheusradiotheatre.com. Arbiter Chronicles Episode 2 "A Man Walks Into a Bar" received the Mark Time Silver Award for Best Science Fiction Audio Production of 2003. Prometheus Radio Theatre was also awarded the 2007 Parsec Award for Best Audio Drama (Long Form).

Prometheus Radio Theatre has been podcasting since October of 2005. Please visit us at libsyn to subscribe and/or review our archive of podcasts to date:

You may also add the LJ sydnicated account to get updates of podcasts through LJ: prometheuspod

Productions by Prometheus Radio Theatre have been featured and/or aired on: KFAI, Minneapolis-St. Paul; CKDU, Halifax; WAMU, Washington, D.C.; Great Northern Audio Theatre; The Radio Memories Network; The SciFi Podcast Network; The Sonic Society; SFFAudio.com; Podiobooks.com, Live365.com; Overdrive.com; Amazon.com.

For our productions available on amazon.com:

Arbiter Chronicles, Episode 1 - Mutiny Springs Eternal.

Arbiter Chronicles Episodes 1-4 Box Set (Includes 1-Mutiny Springs Eternal, 2-A Man Walks Into a Bar, 3-Man of Letters, 4-The White Lady, plus a special bonus bloopers CD)

Granny: A Ghost Story of the North Carolina Mountains

From our web page:

Prometheus Radio Theatre, a group of experienced Baltimore-area Fan actors, writers and directors, is embarking on what we like to think is a bold, new path (then again, maybe we're just deranged!) We're bringing original, SF radio dramas to Fan audiences at area conventions. Our current project is an episodic series, The Arbiter Chronicles, which author Steve Wilson describes as "a sort of Hornblower the Vampire Slayer in Space." "Arbiters" tells the tale of young midshipmen (and women) in a future Navy, when the human race has expanded off earth, and things ain't as bright and cheerful as some might expect.