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June News

Greetings Prometheus fans on LJ! There's a couple of announcements I wanted to make...

More Arbiter Chronicles are showing up in our weekly podcast with the episode "Divergence" now having the first part made available this morning. It's only natural that the more one does something the better they get, and to my ear (although I am biased, of course) I think that shows in this newest offering. I think we are continuing to just plain get better at this whole audio thing, and I hope I'm not alone.

Also, I personally just recently completed an unabridged reading of Star Surgeon by Alan E. Nourse which was just cataloged on LibriVox. You can download it and listen for free, even:

Also look for Steve's (cnvarbiter's) reading of Badge of Infamy on LibriVox, and his reading of Taken Liberty on, should the whim strike you.

Thanks for listening, and as always we'd love to hear from folks....
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