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Summer Update

Just a quick update to check in with folks. Prometheus podcasts (see prometheuspod) are on a summer hiatus for the moment. So now is your chance to get caught up if you've fallen a bit behind. Working backwards we just finished our episode "Praise the Titanic" hosted by Eli Senter who provides the voice for Sestus Blaurich and we were also joined by Ian Bonds (insane_ian). Previous to that was our episode "Dreamer" which was hosted by our producer Cindy Woods who also provides voice talent for many characters in the series. Of course we also had Dave Keefer (theo_knight) as the voice of Captain Atal. Previous to these two episodes was the fantastic 19 part reading of an abridged version of the first Arbiter Chronicles novel Taken Liberty read by author Steven Wilson (cnvarbiter). Our current break will be short and we have some studio work to do and some other episodes to get caught up on, but we will be back you can be sure. We're very proud of our first podcast season, and we hope everyone enjoys listening as much as we have enjoyed this outlet for our work. Special thanks to The Radio Memories Network and!

We are currently planning to do another live performance of Dead Aaron which was performed at Balticon. Right now we're shooting for a Halloween performance at the Maryland Academy of Music recital hall in Columbia, MD. Keep watching for details as they develop.

Thanks for listening! Give us a shout and let us know what you think. We'd love to hear from listeners!
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