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Taken Liberty Review

Here is the Library Journal review for Taken Liberty:

Library Journal
By Staff — February 15, 2006

Wilson, Steven H. (AKA cnvarbiter) Taken Liberty: A Tale from the Arbiter Chronicles.
Firebringer. Feb. 2006. 268p. ISBN 0-9773851-0-8. pap. $17.95. *SF*

Though the Confederated Worlds have outlawed slavery, the traders of the
Varthian system have perpetrated the institution under the guise of
controlling the feral near-humans sharing their world, while in reality
condemning them to lives of sexual servitude. When Bos'n Aer'La is
exposed as a feral and a fugitive from her homeworld, the Varthians want
her back, and the authorities of the Confederated Worlds decide to
cooperate rather than cause an interplanetary incident. Neither
Varthians nor the Confederation, however, reckons on the efforts of
Aer'La's commander, the legendary Capt. Jan Atal, and his crew, who face
seemingly impossible odds to protect the freedom of a shipmate. The
author of the /Arbiter Chronicles/, an award-winning audio drama,
vividly brings to life a cast of compelling characters while telling a
story that measures the cost of freedom. The far-future military setting
should appeal to fans of David Weber's “Honor Harrington” series as well
as the military sf of David Drake. Recommended for most sf collections.

(NOTE: Varthian = Varthan )
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